3 Types Of Termite Treatments To Get Rid Of An Infestation In Your Home

15 April 2016
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If you notice your home under attack by destructive termites, you'll naturally want to get this infestation treated as quickly as possible to prevent them from destroying everything you own. Professional termite treatment plans are ideal for taking action against termite attacks. This guide is designed to help you with different termite control treatments to get rid of an infestation in your home.

In-Ground Baiting System For Termites

In-ground baiting for termites involves using inconspicuous bait systems used around the structure or perimeter of your home to attract and detect the presence of termites. A pest control expert will check these systems habitually for termite activity and if any is found, then your expert will usually add bait to it. The termites in your home will consume this bait and will transport it back to their nest to intoxicate other termites to eradicate the entire colony. Keep in mind that in-ground baiting systems for termites will require you to make holes and openings in your wood, concrete and paved areas. The termite control may record the progress of this termite control program to ensure that it is successful over time.

Above Ground Baiting System For Termites

If you notice any termite activity in your home, then your termite control expert may also use an above ground baiting system. Above ground baiting systems are more conspicuous and are placed above structures in your home. The termites typically consume bait and transport it back to their colonies, thereby infecting them all. These above ground baiting systems are typically placed over structures, so they require no special holes to be made. But the pest control expert must be able to place them strategically in termite infested locations for proven success.  

Chemical Barriers For Termites

Adding chemical barriers near termite infested areas is an effective termite control solution for your home. The treatment solution is applied on your floors, walls and timber surfaces, which will prevent termites from feeding on the timber in your home. It is safe for people and only works as a deadly solution for termites. Keep in mind that this treatment is not instant and may take a few months based on the extent of your termite infestation. This chemical barrier also acts as a deterrent for future threats from termites. This will also help to control termite colonies, which can reduce the risk of recurring termites.

These termite control treatments work effectively for getting rid of an infestation in your home. For more information on the best method for your home, contact a local pest control company.