How Baiting Stations Deal with Termites

23 August 2022
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Termites can be found across most of Australia, and there are a number of different species, some of which are native and others are not. You may not be concerned by the sheer variation but should certainly be worried about the risk to your property. If you are a new homeowner and do not have any abatement processes in place, where should you start as you build up a line of defence against these unwanted critters?

Understanding the Challenge

As you may know, termites are stealth hunters. Many of them live underground and never see the light of day, travelling in subterranean tunnels from their nests to the next source of food. If they haven't yet done so, it may only be a matter of time before they discover the foundation of your property. They can enter through the smallest crack and will be on the lookout for your timber frame, which is the perfect source of food.

Pest control experts have many lines of defence, but one of the most popular is the ubiquitous baiting station. This powerful and simple tool can often attract foraging termites and eventually kill their associated nest.

Underground Baiting

A baiting station is a small chamber made from reinforced plastic that will be installed at ground level near the boundary of your property. The device will have a seal on top while the bulk of the chamber protrudes underground. The pest controller will install an item of tainted wood inside the chamber, which should attract any nearby termites.

Once the termites discover this source of food, they will ingest it and carry some back to the nest. Unfortunately for the termites, this wood is impregnated with a chemical that is designed to kill off the termites and stop them from breeding.

Line of Defence

Usually, pest control experts will place a large number of these baiting stations around the entire periphery of the home. They will inspect each station periodically for signs of activity, telling them whether your property is under threat. It is also possible to use other pest control methods, especially if you already have an infestation.

Taking Action

So if you do not have plans to deal with any potential termite problem, you should take action as soon as possible. Get in touch with pest control experts who will tell you more about these baiting stations and take steps to protect your investment.

Contact a termite inspection service near you to learn more.