4 Effective Ways to Fight Fleas on Pet Dogs and In the House

19 April 2019
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Are you faced with a flea infestation in your home? Do you have a pet dog? If your answer to both of these questions is a YES, then you need to start thinking about flea prevention for your furry friend and home.  Many pet dog owners usually use pesticides in their homes and yards to remove fleas and other pests from their properties, but they often forget that dogs are also susceptible to flea infestations. Read More 

Why Remove a Huntsman Spider From Your Outdoor Dining Area?

28 January 2019
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If your restaurant has an outdoor eating area, then you can expect to spend some time dealing with general pests. Flying insects may be attracted to lighting and food; ants may pop in for dinner every now and then. While you don't have any problems managing these kinds of pests, you may not be sure what to do if one of your staff notices a Huntsman spider lurking around your tables. Read More 

First Pest Control Service: Key Things You Should Expect

26 October 2018
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Have you realised that there are extra spiders or roaches in your home, particularly in the garage or your kitchen? The chances are that you are facing a pest problem, and you need to do something about it. While removing rodents may be costly at first, prevention is normally cheaper. Ensuring your home is pest free is essential for multiple reasons. You don't want to see creepy-crawlies invading your residence. Additionally, insects like termites tend to cause unimaginable damage if a pest control service is not performed, so you need to talk to a reputable local pest and termite control company. Read More 

How to Estimate the Cost of Termite Barrier Treatments

5 March 2018
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It can be difficult for a homeowner to estimate the fair cost of performing termite treatment of the home if that homeowner doesn't have an idea about the materials needed for that treatment. This article discusses some of the metrics that you can consider while estimating what it would cost you to hire pest control professionals to treat your home against a termite infestation. Your Home's Dimensions The first set of data that you should obtain entails the dimensions of the home. Read More 

Why Should You Hire a Pest Control Company?

8 January 2018
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Pest infestations can create an uncomfortable atmosphere for your family, damage your property and at times, contaminate your home. Hiring a professional pest control service is the most effective and efficient method of eliminating the unwanted pests. Here are reasons why you should hire one. Help in Identifying and Removing the Pests Pest control companies are capable of eliminating different types of pests. They use different types of chemicals and baits to help extract and kill the pests. Read More