Tips for Controlling Houseflies in Residential Space

8 October 2015
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Houseflies are common pests in residential spaces, so it is critical to understand how to prevent and control them. There are two primary types of houseflies found in houses: the traditional variety and the bottle fly. The former type is dull-grey in colour while the bottle fly has a metallic sheen which is blue, green or even yellow brown. These insects feed on diverse materials including faecal matter, decaying garbage and human food. They can transmit numerous diseases including dysentery, cholera and parasitic conditions. Here are some tips to help you manage housefly infestation in your residential building.

Limit Housefly Access

Flies in interior places typically fly in from the outdoors and settle in the home. The best method to prevent an infestation and control the population is to limit their access. You should avoid leaving the windows and door open, and seal any cracks and openings that the insects can use. If you enjoy opening the windows to let in natural breeze, consider installing a flyscreen. These are meshed features that will allow air and light to flow in, but they will prevent debris and harmful insects from invading your space. You can use magnetic flyscreens which do not require permanent installation. They are easy to remove and replace, so you will not need to alter your home.

Dispose Garbage Frequently

Houseflies are indiscriminate feeders but you will generally find them in rotting material. The adults will lay their eggs in faecal material or garbage so that the hatched larvae will have a ready source of food. It is important to limit access of flies to garbage in the home. In simple terms, if they are able to access your home, do not give them an opportunity to multiply and take over your home. You should collect the waste in your home including pet faeces and kitchen rubbish responsibly. Put the organic materials in bins and seal them properly. In addition, take out the trash regularly to prevent decomposition from occurring inside the house.

Sanitise the Surfaces

If you have noticed housefly activity in your general interior space, you should consider improving the cleanliness of the surfaces. The insects will rest on tables and countertops if there are spills from coffee, tea, fruit juice and general foods. Their presence will compromise the safety of foods during meals because the flies will keep hovering. Basically, if there are already flies in your home, use disinfectant agents to wipe the surfaces in order to eliminate germs and to discourage their return.

If the problem is becoming too much, contact professional pest control services for more information and assistance.