Bug Off: 5 Ways To Keep Termites Away

12 April 2016
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Once termites are in your home, they can cause damage and destruction to your property and belongings. While it is possible to deal with termites once they have invaded, it is much better if you can keep them away from your property completely. Below is a look at 5 things you can do to keep termites at bay.

Firewood and Lumber Storage

While stacking your woodpile up against the house might mean it is easy to access, you should also keep in mind that the wood in the pile provides shelter and food for termites, while also giving them an easy way into your home when you carry the wood inside. To reduce the risk you should stack your wood several metres from your property, keeping it elevated from the ground to help prevent a termite infestation.

Trim Your Trees

The limbs of overhanging trees and bushes provide shelter for termites while also providing routes that bugs can use to enter your home. Trees which are above roof height are also likely to drop leaves onto the roof of your property, causing gutters to become clogged.

Fix Your Drains

Termites cannot survive without moisture, and leaking drains can provide ideal conditions for termites to thrive. You should ensure that downspouts divert water away from your property and that outdoor taps are not dripping pools of water outside your home. Another cause of termite infestations are gutters which are clogged with leaves and other debris. Water which is backed up by a clogged gutter will begin to decay, providing the ideal conditions for termites.

Clear Mulch

While wood mulch is a nice way to improve the look of your property, excessive mulch can help to create the perfect conditions for termites. You should rake mulch back at 4 inches or so from the foundations of your house, never letting it come into contact with the frames of windows or doors.

Seal Gaps

You should inspect the outside of your property for any gaps or cracks that could be used by termites to enter your home. You should pay particular attention to areas were water and gas pipes enter the home. If you discover any gaps you should have them filled to prevent termites entering your home.

By taking the preemptive actions above you can help to combat termites before they enter your home. If termites have already gained entry into your property, you should seek advice from a professional pest removal service.