Pigeons As Pests: 3 Things You Must Know

23 August 2016
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Upon the mention of the word pests, many homeowners immediately think of rats, termites, spiders, and so on. Rarely will pigeons come into mind. However, pigeons are actually considered pests and a pigeon infestation within or around your house can be dangerous.

This article discusses three things that you should know about pigeons as household pests.

The Dangers Involved

You probably don't think of pigeons as pests because they're graceful and seemingly harmless. It's true that a pigeon won't attack you or your children and it won't make a meal out of the wooden fixtures within your attic.

However, the pigeon's droppings can have serious health implications if you're exposed to these droppings on a long-term basis. This is because the droppings often contain an air-borne fungus, which is responsible for respiratory health problems such as histoplasmosis. In addition to this, pigeon droppings may contain E.coli and salmonella, which could cause E.coli infections and salmonellosis (food poisoning).

Consider that pigeons often make their nests within the attic and on roof-mounted air conditioning units. The bird's droppings are highly acidic in nature and their presence can corrode various fixtures within the attic. The pigeons themselves are also likely to peck the air filters of your HVAC system, thereby allowing for the entry of non-filtered air into your home. This is in addition to the structural damage that the HVAC unit is likely to suffer.

Last but not least, consider that pigeons make their nests using a combination of their feathers, small twigs and other types of dry matter. The mentioned materials constitute a fire hazard within your attic space. These materials could also clog your roof drainage system, hence creating the need for more frequent maintenance on the system.

How To Control Pigeon Populations

Techniques that you can use to control pigeon populations include the following:

  • Cutting off their food and water supply. This can be done through the removal outdoor pet food bowls. Bird feeders and bird baths)
  • Destroying their nests
  • Installation of wire coils and bird mesh/wire that will deter the pigeons from landing on your roof

When To Call In The Pest Removal Company

If you have a full-blown pest infestation, the control techniques discussed above are not likely to work and you'll need to hire a pest control company. The company will employ different techniques to eliminate the pigeon population.

These techniques include:

  • Trapping the birds
  • Administering a narcotic agent that on which the pigeons overdose and go to sleep before they're collected and dispatched
  • Shooting the birds with an air gun to reduce their population

Pigeons are pests. Don't let them ruin your health or your attic.