Prevent Pests from Ruining Your Holiday Season with These Easy Tips

22 November 2017
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With the holiday season coming up, most Australian households will be hosting friends and family for some good cheer. However, you may have everything in place for a successful holiday party only to find that is it being ruined by annoying critters. Left to their own devices, you could end up with bugs in your food, hovering over your guests and overall just putting a damper on the festivities. Below are easy tips that you could use to prevent pests from ruining your holiday season.

Dim your lights

Since the holiday season tends to be pretty warm and humid in Australia, most people will opt to house their parties al fresco. If you are holding your party at night, you will daintily need lighting to illuminate your entertainment area. However, moths and an array of other insects will be attracted to the light, and before you know it, you could have numerous flying insects buzzing around your lighting options. A simple way to avoid this would be to dim your light. Alternatively, you could also switch to LED lights in warm colours that would not attract the insects. You could even consider using candles, fire pits and other open flames that would keep the insects away.

Keep your spread covered

After spending a significant amount of time in the kitchen whipping up a storm, undoubtedly you would want to put your food on display for appreciation. However, you need to also bear in mind that insects foraging for food would be more than happy to join in on the feast. It would be best to keep all food items covered to avoid having to pick bugs out of your meal. Invest in clear serving dishes with covers that would still allow you to display your holiday spread without putting it at risk of contamination from insects. Moreover, keeping the food covered will also stop the aromas from wafting to the insects' nests and enticing them to make their way to your holiday table.

Ensure surfaces are spotless

You may take all the measures to prevent pests from invading your holiday party but then forget about the surfaces that you used to prep the food. Any time you prepare some food make sure you thoroughly wipe the area clean. Crumbs, sauces, drippings and more are more than enough to have a colony of ants invading your countertops. Additionally, ensure any waste items and plate remnants are tossed directly into the trash and closed, or you could end up with a cockroach infestation by the time the holiday season is over.

For more information, contact a local pest management company.