How to Estimate the Cost of Termite Barrier Treatments

5 March 2018
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It can be difficult for a homeowner to estimate the fair cost of performing termite treatment of the home if that homeowner doesn't have an idea about the materials needed for that treatment. This article discusses some of the metrics that you can consider while estimating what it would cost you to hire pest control professionals to treat your home against a termite infestation.

Your Home's Dimensions

The first set of data that you should obtain entails the dimensions of the home. What is the total square footage of that home? What is the size of its footprint on the ground? This information will be useful when you are determining the quantity of the termiticide or other chemicals that will be used during the termite treatment procedure.

Basement Depth

You should also obtain information about how deep your basement is. This depth is likely to be deducted from the depth that should be covered by the termite treatment. For example, the basement may cover half of the footprint of your home. In that case, pest controllers will only dig half what they will dig in the section of the house where the house sits directly on the foundation without a basement section.

Insecticide Label

Read the labels of the different insecticides that may be used to treat termites. Those labels will educate you on how much of the insecticide will be needed to cover the home during termite treatment. For example, you can use the information about the quantity of the insecticide that should be mixed in each litre of water to cover a given area of the foundation.

Costs of Insecticides

Find out what each brand of insecticide costs. Multiply this unit cost by the number of litres that may be needed to treat your home. This cost will give you an estimate of what each pest control company may indicate in their bid for offering the termite treatment service.

Extra Costs

Shortlist the pest control companies whose estimate for the quantity and cost of chemicals is close to what you have worked out on your own. Next, compare the costs indicated for the other services that are connected to the pest treatment. For example, what does each company charge for labour? How much will equipment cost? What overheads are included? Compare the bids item by item so that you select the most competitive bid.

The cost of the termite treatment should not be the only factor upon which you select a pest control company. Do some due diligence about the different companies and shortlist the ones with a solid reputation for offering quality services.