First Pest Control Service: Key Things You Should Expect

26 October 2018
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Have you realised that there are extra spiders or roaches in your home, particularly in the garage or your kitchen? The chances are that you are facing a pest problem, and you need to do something about it. While removing rodents may be costly at first, prevention is normally cheaper.

Ensuring your home is pest free is essential for multiple reasons. You don't want to see creepy-crawlies invading your residence. Additionally, insects like termites tend to cause unimaginable damage if a pest control service is not performed, so you need to talk to a reputable local pest and termite control company.

If you are considering getting the service for the first time, you are probably wondering what you should expect from the first visit. Since knowing what to expect will make the process less worrisome, this post shall provide a list of things you should expect from a first pest control visit.

Professional introduction

The expert you hire should get to your home on time and in company uniform. They should introduce themselves once they arrive. Make sure you feel comfortable around them since they will need to move around your home. To avoid worrying, voice any concerns or ask questions during the introduction. This will help you relax as the exterminator does his or her job.

Inspection of the entry point

A pest control representative always checks the pest entry areas. This includes checking around the windows, pipes, attics, doors, crawl spaces and garages. All these are areas where rodents, insects and other pests access the home. Inspecting these areas will take some time –the expert needs to check for cracks or other hidden areas that may be allowing pests into your home.

Examination of the yard

Inspecting the yard and the other areas of your property is another vital step pest control experts take. By checking the outdoor space, the expatriate might find areas that need to be worked on to prevent future pest issues.

Moisture check

The professional will likely check moisture in your home and around it. Moist areas attract and harbour pest compared to dry areas. He or she may use certain tools like a moisture meter and a flashlight to find the problematic areas.

Review, report and discussion

Your exterminator will need some time to put together their findings and present them to you. He or she will present the report and have a discussion with you regarding the findings. You'll also get recommendations on how to handle the situation at hand including the pest control method to use.