Why Remove a Huntsman Spider From Your Outdoor Dining Area?

28 January 2019
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If your restaurant has an outdoor eating area, then you can expect to spend some time dealing with general pests. Flying insects may be attracted to lighting and food; ants may pop in for dinner every now and then.

While you don't have any problems managing these kinds of pests, you may not be sure what to do if one of your staff notices a Huntsman spider lurking around your tables. While this spider may have been initially attracted to your garden area, they can sometimes venture close to or into buildings.

While you know that a Huntsman's bite isn't fatal and you may personally not want to harm the spider, it could affect your business. Why do you need to get it out?

Huntsman Spiders Bite

While Huntsman spiders don't stalk humans to harm them, they can bite if they feel threatened. A Huntsman bite won't kill you, but it can have adverse effects on your health.

For example, some people who are bitten by this species of spider feel ill. They may just have a bit of pain and swelling on the bite area or, if they have a bad reaction to the bite, they may feel worse. Huntsman bites can give you headaches, they can affect your heart rate, and they can make you feel nauseous.

On a compassionate level, you don't want to put your customers or staff at risk of getting a painful bite. On a business level, you don't want to have to deal with a litigious individual who tries to sue you if they had a bad reaction to a bite from a spider that you allowed to live in your restaurant.

Huntsman Spiders Make People Nervous

While some people will just give a Huntsman spider space to get on with its life, some people will freak out when they see it. Even if you tell them that the spider is relatively harmless, they may panic if they have a fear of spiders or of being bitten.

People also don't like seeing pests in a restaurant where they are eating. They may assume that this means that you aren't keeping a close eye on your hygiene. Word will soon spread that you have a spider on site. You could see your bookings go down if people start to avoid using your restaurant or tell their friends about the spider.

So, if you have a Huntsman on site, call a pest controller out as soon as you can for commercial pest control services. They can deal with the spider humanely and give you tips on how to prevent spiders from joining you for dinner in the future.